1500 – 2008

Produced by

Donald LeRoy Eads, MD

Edited by

Janet M. Kademan


    I did not intend to make this book. I started, like so many, to search the history of a missing relative. Great grandfather James Shannon Eads took off for Oregon with two daughters and was never heard from again. As a result of this search this book was accomplished. As always, one thing led to another and I found myself wanting to know more and more about our ancestors. I started with the LDS Church Library and I then subscribed to and, using the Family Tree Maker program to organize my data. I had visited London for many years and so joined the Society of Genealogy (S.O.G.), 14 Charterhouse Buildings, London, EC 7 BA and visited the Family Records Centre, 1 Myddelton Street, London, EC1R 1 UW. I recall one year spending 40 hours in the S.O.G. library which has four floors of records. The Society has the largest family history library in the UK. It holds copies of family history sources, finding aids, indices and unique research materials. The Library has free internet access to some major genealogical web sites. The Society has the largest collection of copies of parish registers in the UK. I found the information on Henry Eads, born 1668, who immigrated to Virginia, July 14, 1684, in their immigration book section. Of course, Genealogy,com, and gave me the most information on relatives in the States I was excited to discover Richard Eedes, born 1554, Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth I and King James I and James Buchanan Eads, the great self-taught civil engineer.

About twelve years ago I received an Email from Hank (Henry) Eads of Virginia with some questions which I was unable to help him resolve. He sent me a CD containing multiple Eads family trees he had accumulated. They were very helpful and he introduced me to Janet Kademan who has kindly edited this book, correcting erroneous relationships and adding her own research. This kind of research is never finished!  It will never be finished; I leave that to others who get the bug and just have to add to it and make further additions and corrections.

Please feel free to contact me to make corrections, add information or delete dates that should be private. I want to  take this opportunity to thank the staff of the Society of Genealogy and Family Records Centre in London for their help and patience with a novice. I am indebted to Hank Eads, God rest his soul, and my friend, editor Janet Kademan, for all their help and encouragement. I must not forget my dear wife, Claudia, for putting up with my deserting her in London on many occasions while I visited the S. O. G. for hours of exciting research. The first printing was an unbound issue in 2004. Second printing was a leather bound issue on July 25, 2008.  I dedicate this March 4, 2012, book to generations past and those to come.


Go to the Index, pg 316,  look for the name of interest, and location pages in the Report.. Enter Page Number in Page Navigation Display in Tool Bar, then press “ENTER” key    Below is the link for the whole book


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