Sixteen Generations of Eads from 1500 to 2008; Over 5000 People.

What’s in a name? Genealogists at S.O.G., London have told me that most Parish Clerks used phonetic spelling. Thus Edes, Eedes, Eades, and Eads sound the same. A change in Parish Clerk or Vicar could result in a change in spelling. Lawrence appears as Eades in the marriage record and Eedes in birth record (Hampshire Parish Registers, Newport, Isle of Wight, Marriages, HA/R100, Page 9, Ed. by Phillimore & Andrews located at Society of Genealogy, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London EC1M 7BA.)

John Sanforde, Vicar at the Parish in Woneresh, Surrey, wrote in the parish registry (Parish Registry of Wonersh, Surrey, Shelf Index SR/S94, Society of Genealogy,14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London EC1M 7BA.):

“At the parlement helde at london the 30th yeare of the Reigne of Kinge Henrie the eight, Anno, 1538, it is mentioned in the cronicles that the Lord Cromewell beinge then Lorde Privye Seale & Vicar generall, did chardge all busshopps (through the Realme) that theye whould have the large bible in englische in every parish churche, and withall they should nowe begin to keepe a register booke of all that should be baptised, maried, and buried, in every parishe from thensforth forwarde yearlye.”

Thus prior to 1538 parish registers were not kept routinely, and it may be difficult to find earlier records. The Parish Registers of West Clandon start in 1536; most registers start after 1538.

“Mr.” has been used as the first name for Mr. Edes of Newport, Isle of Wight. “Mr.” is an appellation used to address a man as an official or wealthy, or otherwise an “important person. I assigned “John” as the first name based on finding burial record in Hampshire Burial Index records at the S. O. G. Library. There is no record of  John Edes being Baptised in Newport or Hampshire county.

Of interest is that four Eads brothers fought in the Revolutionary War,          James I (b. ~1757), Jonathan (b. 1753), Henry IV (b. 1755) and John (b. 1759). At least two fought in the War of 1812, James (b. 1797) and Elijah (b. 1793). One Hundred and twenty eight (128) fought in the Civil War, 77 for the Union and

51 for the Confederate armies. For the Union Army, 21 from Indiana, 23 from Illinois, 21 from Kentucky, 8 from Tennessee, and 4 from Ohio. For the Confederate Army,39 from Virginia, 9 from Tennessee, and 3 from Kentucky.

I am again thankful for the help given to me by Hank Eads of Naples, Florida, Janet Kademan of Davenport, Iowa, and the very kind people of the LDS Church.

Please see NOTES for further information on each individual.

The following source were most useful:

1-Janet M. Kademan, “EVIDENCE FOR FATHER AND GRANDFATHER OF JONATHAN EADS (1753-1806)”. 4109 E. 60th St., Davenport, IA 52807-3504 Janet gave guidance when it was most needed.

2-Hank Eads, 212-2 Albi Rd., Naples, Florida 34112 ( for many family files. Hank Eads prepared trees for the sons of Henry Eads and Mary Pegely: Jonathan 1753-1806, Henry 1755-1843, James 1757-1809, and John 1759 from copies of “Eads Family in America” he received from William A. Eads who died in July 1998. William A. Eads brother, Charles G. Eads, who has the Eads records, address is 1019 E. Kennington Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, phone 801-467-1044.

3-Tamara Daily for WFT Vol. 53, tree 2028; Vol. 62, tree 1724; Vol. 34, tree 1093; and Vol. 52, tree 1432.

4-Rick Long for database “21mar75” at .

5-Glenna S. Garner for WFT Vol. 5, tree 1804

6-Tammy M. Cory for WFT Vol. 63, tree 0529

7-Liz Eads, many sources as noted.

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